Initials are the ultimate personal gift — each playful letter is my take on a new everyday classic.
Mimi So Piece Collection


The Type Collection

The type collection is an homage to my roots as a graphic designer. While a student at Parsons, I was constantly experimenting with typefaces until I found my own, linear aesthetic. Each initial in this collection is my whimsical take on a new classic to be worn everyday.


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About the Collection

Type Collection

The art of typography is central to Mimi So's design ethos. As a student of Graphic design at Parsons, Mimi adopted the techniques of this ancient artistry which aim to create written letters and words that evoke emotion and connection to the reader. She infuses this same philosophy into her jewelry designs, modeling beautiful pieces that inspire and touch the sentiments of the wearer.

Mimi So Type Collection

In school, Mimi was drawn to the bold, graphic characters of her favorite typefaces and understood the delicate balance of negative and positive space required to highlight their appeal. This appreciation for the beauty of clean lines and the studied arrangement of angles informed the look of her debut jewelry collection, Piece. Mimi also developed the unique typeface for her brand's logo. Type required a great effort to calculate the correct amount of precisely sized diamonds for each letter in the alphabet — not an easy task as it calls for the exact measurement of each asymmetrically designed letter.

mimi so phoenix feather collection

The team created each model first by hand, then for precision, we CAD the letters. For this collection, it took three evolutions of diamond arrangement patterns and sizes to achieve the balance Mimi was looking for. Mimi was determined to realize a design that reflects her days as a graphic designer and her instincts for good design. The letters require between 22 - 50 diamonds depending on their shape. The way each letter hangs from the chain was also carefully thought out. Mimi wanted to infuse a sense of playfulness to the pieces, evident in the many letters that hang slightly askew. Every angle and aspect of movement is considered throughout the design.

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