12 Creative Ways to Propose During the Holidays

Gentlemen, are you getting serious with your girlfriend and ready to pop the question?  While traditional proposals are great, in this day and age, men are getting much more creative by planning elaborate ways to surprise their ladies with a ring, especially during the holiday season. If you’re struggling to come up with something unique, we’ve got some great ideas to make your proposal unforgettable.


1.  She thinks you’re just going out for a casual dinner at your favorite Chinese restaurant on Christmas Eve. But what she doesn’t know is you visited in advance to have an employee carefully hide the ring in a fortune cookie.  Just make sure the waiter doesn’t give the cookie to the wrong table!


2.  Take to the ice! Visit your favorite skating rink and have the employees clear the ice for a special couples-only skate. When it’s just the two of you, drop to one knee – be sure to dress warmly!


3.  Nothing like preparing breakfast together on Christmas morning! Ask her to take out the butter dish to put on your homemade pancakes – she sure won’t find butter when she opens it!


4.  She may not be too impressed with the tacky figurine you got her for Christmas, but when you have her turn it over and look in the hidden compartment, we guarantee her disappointment will turn to bliss!


5.  Build a snowman together, and as you are attaching the branch arms, have him hold the ring! Just don’t expect him to do the asking.


6.  Sneak out early on Christmas morning to enlist your pooch for an AM wakeup call.  Your girlfriend won’t mind losing an extra hour of sleep once she realizes something shiny is dangling from Rocky’s collar.

7.  She can spot a ring box from a mile away, so throw her off the scent by getting several boxes from small to large, or even use silly nesting dolls, as a gift. Just when she’s about to lose patience with unwrapping yet another box, she’ll find something that makes the effort all worthwhile.

8.  Bake your honey some alphabet Christmas cookies and let her unscramble the hidden message: “Will You Marry Me?”
9. Conspire with her coworkers! Crash her office White Elephant exchange and rig it to ensure she picks the right box when it’s her turn.


10.  Put your holiday lights to good use. Instead of lining the house, spell out “Marry Me” on the roof. Once it’s dark, take her outside and show off your electrical skills.


11. While you are decorating the tree, hook the ring to a branch and ask your lady to give it the once-over to see if you decorated properly… she will certainly be impressed with your keen eye for design!


12. Plan an elaborate New Year’s Day treasure hunt! Send her on an adventure to your favorite date spots or memorable relationship locations, and for the big finale, she’ll find you waiting on one knee for your future fiancé!


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